Good teaching is not a matter of data capture & prediction …

Good teaching is a combination of art and skill and experience. I’m of the firm belief that no amount of data capture is going to be able to reproduce that. This is apparently a fringe belief in educational technology circles. When I’m in a classroom, I’m not interested in predicting what I think the student is going to do or what grade they might get. That is actually completely irrelevant to me, but prediction is central to how this technology operates. So, I’m skeptical of what the future looks like for “smart” educational technology because it’s so invested in capture and control and prediction, rather than helping people maximize their own goals, what they think they’re there for”

(Chris Gillard 2021, p.267)


Gillard, C. (2021). “Smart” Educational Technology: A Conversation between sava saheli singh, Jade E. Davis, and Chris Gilliard. Surveillance & Society19(2), 262-271.